August 17: National Head Day August 17: National Head Day August 17: National Head Day
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August 17: National Head Day

It all began with a few friends sitting around talking about Valentine's Day. We felt that Valentine's Day, a holiday supposedly for couples, seemed to be focused largely on what the woman wanted. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that--we love women and enjoy treating them well. What we were looking for is a Holiday that was focused on what men want.

And what do men want? Flowers? Candy? A fancy dinner? Not so much. Head seemed much more in line with what we want. So we created a holiday where men get what we want--head.

Every National Holiday needs to be celebrated annually, so we needed to pick a date. We decided upon August, as there are no major holidays in this month. One of our fathers' birthday is August 17, and his name is Dick. It seemed appropriate. And so it was done: August 17 would be National Head Day.

Time Left Until National Head Day:
"Are you down?"

For years we told all our friends about National Head Day, until finally we decided that perhaps we should expand our circle of friends and bring the holiday to the masses. What better medium than the internet? So we started this website to help spread the word.

National Head Day Merchandise If you want to support our cause, you can buy a shirt. But you don't have to buy anything. What we really want is for you to start participating in National Head Day and spreading the word to as many people as possible. It is the founder's dream that one day, someone will ask him if he's ever heard of National Head Day.

We have also started a few discussions including how to give a good blow job, a search for a new slogan, as well as an area to tell your favorite head day stories, and of course, a forum for people to post their rants and raves.

Thanks for visiting! You can also find us on Facebook and MySpace.

A few disclaimers:
Participation with your loved one requires cooperation. In NO way are we advocating any kind of coercion. This should be a fun holiday where both parties are willing. If you don't think so, then you should not participate.

This holiday is not meant to subjugate women. National Head Day is meant to celebrate our love for one another. If you do not enjoy giving head, please do not celebrate National Head Day.
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